We sail along the past, and see
Great Thebes with Karnak at her knee.
To Isis and Osiris rise
The prayers and smoke of sacrifice.
'Mid rites of priests and pomp of kings
Again the seated Memnon sings.
We watch the palms along the shore,
And dream of what is here no more.


"Tomorrow," Madeline said, almost dropping her tea.  "Gavroche what do you mean getting married tomorrow?"

Gavroche  stood before his parents and grandparents a large grin plastered on his face.  Addy had already begged her brother all that morning to take her back to paris so that she may fetch her gown, and once again beg her parents to allow her to marry early.  Her brother had finally cracked when tears came to her eyes, mourning that Helene and Rosa would not be her bridesmaids if they waited.

Now all that was left was to announce it.  ”Son, this is all very sudden,” Javert said, cautiously, but without suspicion.  An officer he may be, but Gavroche was incapable of any wickedness in the true sense.

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