We sail along the past, and see
Great Thebes with Karnak at her knee.
To Isis and Osiris rise
The prayers and smoke of sacrifice.
'Mid rites of priests and pomp of kings
Again the seated Memnon sings.
We watch the palms along the shore,
And dream of what is here no more.


They left Venice in relative high spirits.  Armed with a bit of cloth, lace and new cargo they returned aboard ship and set sail.  Before leaving Helene was given a gift by the artist Duccio with a kiss her ot cheek.  When she and Rosa opened it later, it was the silvery  purple and blue gown she had worn while posing.

Three days after setting sail Helene had emerged from her cabin, but not in the gown.  Instead she was in trousers, a shirt and waistcoat.  If she was going to be trapped to stay with her sister, she was going to make the rest of this year she had to be her own woman.  She demanded that Breandon use and teach her like he would any cabin boy which he point blank refused.  But after a few well placed arguments she agreed to teach her how to map and scout from the crows nest.  There were more than a few black eyes given out by the captain for anyone who stared too long at his sister-in-law’s bottom in the tight trousers.

So far, Liam, who was usually locked in his office until dinner, had no idea.

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